Skin Services

Client Consultation

This free client consultation is for those who are sure where to start or what is best for their skin concerns + goals, but do not have the time for a full service.At this consultation we will go over any questions or concern you have about your skin. I will cleanse your skin + do a full skin analysis, from there I will recommend services/treatments + products that will help you reach your skin goal + you can book at a later date. The consultation will approximately last 15-30mins.

Client Consultation + Service

This Consultation is for those who  are unsure on what is needed for their skin, yet still want a service/treatment in the same day. We will discuss everything needed so I get a clear picture of what your concerns + goals are for your skin. I will do a full skin analysis, from there I will recommend services/treatment that will be best for you skin. After the consultation, I will continue with what was recommended.

$ tbd


Dermaplane Facial


Includes a cleanse of the skin, a facial massage, an enzyme prep solution, a dermaplaning exfoliation treatment, steam, extractions (if needed), a facial masque, serum, moisturizer + eye creme customized to your skin!

Dermaplane Facial + Esthemax


Receive a dermaplaning facial with an additional customized hydrojelly masque!

Dermaplane Add-on

This is considered an add-on treatment to any facial! Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation that removes excess dead skin + temporarily shaves off peach fuzz hairs leaving the skin soft + smooth! Dermaplaning is not recommended for those you suffer from acne.



Microderm Facial


Includes a cleanse of the skin, a facial massage, a microdermabrasion exfoliation treatment, steam, extractions (if needed), a facial masque, serum, moisturizer + eye creme customized to your skin!

Microderm Facial + Esthemax


Receive a Microderm  facial with an additional customized hydrojelly masque!

Microderm Add-on


Add Microdermabrasion to any facial for an additional cost!  Microdermabrasion uses an adjustable diamond encrusted head that is attached to a facial vacuum machine, that is also adjustable. The Microdermabrasion head removes dead surface skin cells +  promotes cellular turnover in a safe controlled manner. Microdermabrasion has been used to treat aging + sun damaged skin, some types of acne + acne scarring, fine lines + wrinkles.

Organic Facials

Skin Uniformity


Balance your skins pH level + restore hydration with organic antioxidants + nutrients.

Great starter for pre-teens!



Drench your skin with essential vitamins + antioxidants that repair + protect against environmental stress, and helps support elasticity while hydrating skin to the fullest extent!



Rejuvenate your skin back to a youthful appearance by promoting healthy cell renewal + by enhancing skin clarity!

Glowing Skin


Formulated with organic brightening ingredients that will help start the lightening process of dark spots cause by sun damage, again, acne + pregnancy

Includes an upgraded oxygen masque + green LED therapy.

Be Clear


Detoxify + decongest current + future breakouts while yogurt based probiotics, minerals + superfruit antioxidants help nourish + hydrate your skin!

Includes a high-frequency treatment + blue LED therapy.

Facial Upgrades



Combat + prevent signs of aging by infusing skin with essential plant derived stem cells that help extend cell life, smooth fine lines + provides instant hydration.

Includes a microcurrent treatment + red LED therapy.



The Hydro-Jelly mask is an algae based mask that provides the skin with essential electrolytes. Layered over a skin ampoule that enhances the masks targeted concern. The mask goes on like a gel then binds together in a jelly that painlessly peels off the skin with ease! Many to choose from depending on your skin concerns + desires!



Microcurrent uses low level current that is designed to work in harmony with the natural bioelectrical current in the body. Microcurrent is completely safe and non-invasive.

The benefits of Microcurrent are that is helps firm muscles, boosts cellular activity, improves blood+lymph circulation, assists with product penetration, aids in healing+repairing of tissue, reduces redness+inflammation, improves barrier function, increase metabolism, + restore elasticity.

*Best results when combined with LED therapy*

Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber


The Ultrasonic skin scrubber is a"spatula" that uses high-frequency waves.

The benefits are that is helps cleanse+exfoliate the skin, helps in product penetration, aids in cellulite reduction, stimulates tissues, increases blood flow + promotes oxygenation to the skin.



High-Frequency uses a glass electrode to treat various skin concerns. 

The benefits of High-frequency are that it stimulates blood circulation, increases absorption+metabolism, relieves skin congestion, oxygenates the skin + acts as an antiseptic to the skin reducing bacteria. 

LED Therapy


LED works by releasing light onto the skin to stimulate specific responses depended on LED color.

Red: Increases cellular process, boosts collagen+elastin production + stimulates wound healing.

Yellow: Reduces inflammation, improves lymphatic flow, detoxifies+increase circulation.

Green: Lessens hyperpigmentation, reduces redness, calms+soothes the skin.

Blue: Improves acne + reduces bacteria in the skin.

Peels + Lifts

O2 Lift 


Want a more organic way to "peel" off dead skin? This luxury treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, and peptides into the skin. A high concentration of enzymatic botanicals will digest dead skin cells while keeping the skin calm.  Post Treatment home care products are included.

Image Perfection Peel


The Perfection Lift FORTE Peel chemical peel is blended of concentrated active exfoliants that work together to effectively reduce + repair the appearance of aging, pigmentation, and acne concerns. 

An at home post peel kit is provided with instructions on how to use at the end of the service.

Image Customized Peel


These gel based peels are designed to help acne, fine lines+wrinkles, dark spots, redness + irritation. These peels are not as concentrated in acids as the Image Perfection Forte Peel, therefore little to no peeling may occur. This does not mean that they do not work, just means there is less downtime. 

An at home post peel kit will be provided at the end of each service with instructions on how to use.